Vince McMahon has always used the present top WWE superstars to beat the older generation superstars and pass the torch to crown a new “Guy”.

Usually it’s always was one new star beating an older top star and that new wrestler would go on to main event the big shows. We saw this numerous times in WWE, below are a few examples.

Hulk Hogan beats Andre The Giant
Ultimate Warrior beats Hulk Hogan
Shawn Michaels beats Bret Hart
Stone Cold beats Shawn Michaels
Undertaker beats Shawn Michaels
The Rock beats Stone Cold
Cena beats The Rock
Brock Lesnar beats Undertaker

We can get more deeper than that but that’s is overall Vince McMahon’s thinking. But with Roman Reigns he is truly headed to uncharted territory.

You see your “Tribal Chief” has beaten more WWE legends than any other superstars before him. From The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar to Triple h and John Cena and almost The Rock this year but due to rescheduling it could be Edge in that spot. We recently reported on the WrestleMania 37 booking (read below) and there seems to be a pattern in how Roman Reigns is being built to destroy literally everyone.

Vince McMahon knows he has to stop relying on past stars and according to internal sources Roman Reigns will remain being booked strong and given a WWE Championship run not seen unlike any other. A new “Legend Killer” if you will that will dominate the WWE Universe for the next few years.

Roman vs Edge will be another example of this booking situation as Vince McMahon spent countless years and money trying to get Roman Reign to the level he is at now. With the help of the genius mastermind Paul Heyman the sky is literally the limit for this alliance.

If we were a professional wrestler we would not want to in any match with Roman Reigns because it automatically signals you are losing. Vince McMahon wants to keep the golden egg secure to carry the WWE banner and nothing will stop Vince McMahon on his mission to make Roman Reigns quite possibly to most dominating WWE SuperStar ever no matter how many past legends he has to feed to him.

What Roman Reigns & Paul Heyman are doing is absolutely magic and it is something all wrestling fans should appreciate. Stay tuned to SW for the latest developments.


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