Tommaso Ciampa has had an illustrious career in NXT and is one of the main staples of the brand. But now that WWE is moving forward with the new NXT 2.0 there are plans for Tommaso Ciampa on the main roster.

WWE officials are discussing when and where to debut Tommaso Ciampa and the latest developments point to Royal Rumble weekend.

WWE is taking a different approach to debuting and returning superstars and does not want to rush superstars into WWE action. They do not want superstars getting lost in the shuffle.

While WWE has historically featured bigger and stronger stars and with Tommaso Ciampa only being 5’11 there is still a way that WWE can use Tommaso. WWE is looking to keep the grittiness and toughness that Tommaso Ciampa is known for and feature him similar to Sheamus and Cesaro.

WWE May place Tommaso in a tag-team to start his main roster debut as a way to slowly get him used to the main roster action and protect him in the ring.

With all the recent releases it is a good sign that WWE is making plans for Tommaso Ciampa. Stay tuned to Slice Wrestling for the latest updates.


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