Cody Rhodes and AEW are back on negotiating terms and a return to AEW could be in order.

On February 15th Cody Rhodes shocked the professional wrestling world when he announced that he would be leaving AEW. A company he helped build since January, 1st 2019.

As we previously reported this was not a work and now Slice Wrestling has more exclusive details into what exactly happened with the contract negotiations breakdown that led to a AEW/Cody Rhodes split and how this could get resolved.

Initially Cody Rhodes did in fact touch base with WWE and was sending out a “feeler” to gauge how much interest Vince McMahon would have in signing him. The reality is Cody Rhodes was using any interest from WWE as a bargaining chip in negotiations with AEW & Tony Khan.

Cody Rhodes never really wanted to “leave” AEW but also did not like the fact that Tony Khan took away the EVP (Executive Vice President) titles form the contracts. Cody also did not like the fact that Tony Khan took total creative control over the storylines and characters. Something Cody prided himself in was helping the younger generation stars in the locker room develop their characters as did his father Dusty Rhodes.

Now after all the madness and rumors of Cody Rhodes appearing here and there Slice Wrestling has exclusively obtained even more information as AEW sources have confirmed to SW that AEW and Tony Khan are hoping to bring back Cody Rhodes and it could be in more ways than one.

“Tony Khan would like to bring back Cody Rhodes under the AEW umbrella” is how one source close to the situation put it and there seems to be some movement and hope already in that direction as Tony Khan announced that he is now the new owner of ROH.

Some insiders believe Cody Rhodes may in fact have a hand in helping run a re-launch of ROH in some fashion that would see Tony Khan giving Cody Rhodes some creative power back and thus solving the major obstacle in their contract negotiations. Making this a win/win for all those involved.

Cody Rhodes is AEW and Cody Rhodes belongs in AEW, he is just as much responsible for their success as anyone and to see him return home would just feel right. Stay tuned to Slice Wrestling for the latest updates.


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