‪According to the reliable WrestlingINC, WWE is set to temporarily lay off WWE employees and release WWE SuperStars

‪In the article WrestlingINC details a meeting Vince McMahon had at WWE HQ today and in the article the following key points are were emphasized. ‬

‪ • Up to 40% of employees will be furloughed (temporarily laid off). Vince said that he hopes to have them back when the situation is resoklved, but there is no timeline. Furloughed employees will receive a text message from WWE HR immediately.‬

‪• Permanent talent cuts will be coming, and there could be announcements today.‬

‪• Construction of WWE Headquarters in Stamford, CT has been delayed six months.‬

‪• Third party consulting contracts have been cancelled as well.‬

‪The Corona virus had had an Impact in every aspect of our lives and this is just another example of the disruption it has caused. Stay tuned to Slice Wrestling for the least updates. ‬


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