‪WWE is evaluating the current fan interest in the two-night WrestleMania format and are considering continuing the two-night schedule for upcoming WrestleMania’s. ‬

‪We previously reported (read below) how Wrestle Kingdom is a catalyst for this idea. ‬

‪WWE is well aware that the long run times of previous WrestleMania’s have not been well received by the WWE Universe. Recently fans have disapproved of WrestleMania run times which exceeded 7 hours with pre-show. ‬

‪WWE is looking to possibly hold WrestleMania as a two-night which would include restructuring WrestleMania weekend into a six-day weekend. The six-day format schedule would be as follows‬

‪• Wednesday – WWE Hall Of Fame ‬
‪• Thursday – NXT TakeOver ‬
‪• Friday – SmackDown ‬
‪• Saturday – WrestleMania Night One ‬
‪• Sunday – WrestleMania Night Two ‬
‪• Monday – RAW ‬

‪WWE is looking at how the WWE Universe receives WrestleMania 36 in two-nights and would then make the final decisions on the future of WrestleMania weekend. ‬

‪WWE would be looking to offer multiple different ticket package options that would include packages with all WrestleMania weekend events included and some with single night packages. A six-day schedule would be a welcome addition to hardcore WWE fans who usually arrive early for WrestleMania weekend festivities. ‬

‪WrestleMania being split into two nights is a smart move as fans and superstars alike get burnt out by the later main event matches after watching a six or seven hour show, fatigue sets in and poor crowd reactions are known to affect matches and superstars. ‬

‪A three hour WrestleMania on two-nights would be a smoother and easier viewing experience and an extra added day to WrestleMania weekend would be a welcome addition. Stay tuned to Slice Wrestling for the latest and greatest wrestling news. ‬


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