‪The Undertaker vs AJ Styles is already considered a classic WrestleMania match by the wrestling community and internally at WWE. The match was praised for its originality, special effects and movie cinematic presentation approach. ‬

‪The Undertaker had a lot of input in the “Boneyard match” and a lot of the visuals and action was overseen by The Undertaker himself. Many creative minds had input in the match including Vince McMahon, Bruce Prichard & Paul Heyman. ‬

‪The Undertaker personally reached out to Metallica (one of his favorite bands) to use one of their songs for his entrance and they were ecstatic he chose them. ‬

‪The creative idea of the “Boneyard Match” was “The Unholy Trinity” that The Undertaker referenced in his epic promo on AJ Styles (watch below). The American Badass/Big Evil/Deadman are the “The Unholy Trinity” and The Undertaker wanted this match to represent the evolution of his career by featuring all three versions of his character. ‬

‪The Undertaker made his entrance on his classic motorcycle as the “American Badass” and as the match progressed he used different aspects of his character from his motorcycle American Badass to the trash talking Big Evil to the supernatural powers of flames of The Deadman. ‬

‪Both Undertaker and AJ Styles have both been praised backstage by their performances and these off site cinematic tapings are being discussed to possibly continue in the future and it is being discussed by WWE officials that this format of The Undertaker matches could prolong his career and allow him to participate in future WrestleMania special attraction matches while having the luxury of being pre taped and less physical than in-ring matches. ‬

‪WWE knew they had a special match on their hands when it taped but the overwhelming positive responses by fans across the world blew away WWE and they know they captured lighting in a bottle. WWE also is discussing that this cinematic match presentation is a big hit and can be used for other superstars and show them in a different light. It’s safe to say the “Boneyard Match” has changed the game in traditional wrestling storytelling. ‬

‪Personally it was one of our favorite Undertaker matches of all-time and it is a for sure a classic. The “Boneyard Match” and “Firefly Fun House” matches are going to be special matches that will forever change the way WWE presents matches and these matches are a positive outcome of all the negative events that have overtaken this world as of late. ‬

‪WrestleMania featuring cinematic style matches could be the wave of the future and we couldn’t be more excited. Stay tuned to Slice Wrestling for the latest and greatest wrestling news. ‬


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