WWE officials are currently discussing a push for Chad Gable in 2024.

Since Triple H took over WWE creative he has made sure that Chad Gable is featured prominently on WWE television and usually schedules at least one match and/or appearance. This is done intentionally as a way to prepare him for a larger push down the line.

Many within WWE consider Chad Gable the modern day Kurt Angle and Gable has tons of backstage support from the office and the locker room for always being a safe and professional talent.

There has been internal praise for his mentoring of Maxxine Dupri and Otis in the Alpha Academy.

Many WWE WrestleMania 40 storylines are already finalized and WWE will begin pushing Chad Gable after WrestleMania.

Except Chad Gable to have significant role on WWE television in 2024. Stay tuned to SW for the latest updates.


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