WWE has their eyes on Bron Breakker to lead the new era of WWE superstars into the future.

Vince McMahon has a special knack for hand picking up and coming stars and molding them into superstars.

He did it with Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, The Rock, Stone Cold, John Cena, Roman Reigns and now has set his sights on Bron Breakker

We reported (read below) in September 2021 that WWE was making plans for Breakker and now we have even more news on WWE’s plans for this 2nd generation Steiner family professional wrestler.

WWE is planning to call up Bron Breakker to the main roster in 2022, Vince McMahon wants Bron Breakker to have an immediate impact upon his arrival and Breakker will have a dominant first year on the main roster.

WWE officials are discussing for Bron Breakker to win the Royal Rumble within the next 2 years and be accelerated to the main event spot.

Vince McMahon sees flashes of Roman Reigns in Bron Breakker and McMahon wants Bron Breakker to become the top star in WWE one day.

Bron Breakker has the look, size, strength, professional athlete background and most of all is related to the WWE Hall Of Fame Tag-Team Steiner Brothers.

Once Mr. McMahon sets his sights on a superstars and decides “He is the one” it’s a pretty sure bet that superstar is going to rise to the top. WWE is setting themselves up for the future and Bron Breakker is the chosen one.


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