Bad Bunny and Logan Paul are the two most exciting celebrity WWE Superstars form any recent WWR era’s.

WWE officials are throughly impressed by both Logan Paul and Bad Bunny’s accelerated learning of pro wrestling in-ring technical skills along with their ability to excite the crowds and be huge draws for WWE.

Both Bad Bunny and Logan Paul have both had impressive matches this year alone and Bad Bunny’s performance at WWE Backlash in Puerto Rico is widely considered by many pro wrestling experts to be the best wrestling pay-per-view of 2023.

“WWE officials want to see what happens when you combine the cult following fan bases of both Bad Bunny and Logan Paul.” – a WWE source tells SW.

“It is rare to have a celebrity from another industry be so good so fast let alone two of them. WWE wants a mega match between the two.”

WWE officials are already cultivating ideas for WrestleMania 40 and a mega match between Bad Bunny and Logan Paul would certainly be a blockbuster match.

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