WWE officials are hard at work ensuring that fans of the WWE Universe have much to enjoy in the future as plans are being discussed for WWE to open up a physical WWE Hall Of Fame and also a new network/streaming home in 2024.

WWE is already planning to negotiate with multiple mega media companies when their current TV rights deals with NBC and FOX expire in 2024.

Disney, Amazon Prime, Apple and Netflix are all contenders to land WWE programming in 2024 but one is the clear cut favorite.

“WWE wants Disney to but their TV rights in 24’. This will open a whole new world for WWE. – a WWE source tells SW.

WWE would likely move RAW to FX network (Disney owned network) as Nick Khan has said he wants the thrift hour of RAW to more adult.

A TV rights deal with Disney also will allow for WWE to be featured in Disney theme parks.

The WrestleMania 33 ramp and stage cost WWE $5 million to produce. Vince McMahon has always envisioned that stage to represent the entrance of the physical WWE Hall Of Fame.

A physical WWE Hall Of Fame would be a perfect addition to Disney theme parks and adding a WWE wing to Disney theme parks would be a great attraction along with the Star Wars and Marvel sections of the parks.

“WWE has so much nostalgic pieces and only a small fraction are displayed at WrestleMania axxess.” – a WWE source tells SW

A physical WWE Hall Of Fame would be a great location to display all the historic pieces for wrestling fans to enjoy.

2024 looks to be shaping up an exciting year for wrestling fans. Stay tuned to SW.


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