It has begun.

Last weeks SmackDown drew historic low ratings only 4 weeks into the new FOX partnership and officials are in shock.

Last weeks “Friday Night SmackDown” drew 888,000 viewers the lowest rating in the history of the long running televised series.

SmackDown was moved to FOX’s sister channel FS1 last week due to the Astros vs Nationals World Series and also faced stiff competition from NBA Tip-Off Premier week.

FOX officials had forecasted for SmackDown to do below average numbers, but it not only exceeded the low estimate it eclipsed it!

FOX estimated SmackDown on FS1 to average 1.4- 1.6 Million Viewers and it came no where close.

SmackDown also lost in ratings to All Elite Wrestling which drew 963,000 viewers and Vince McMahon was said to be embarrassed to take another in what seems a endless streak of losses for WWE lately.

FOX is aware that the low ratings are mostly due to airing on FS1, but there is a level of concern since WWE signed a five-year $205 million dollar annual contract deal.

FOX officials do not feel the SmackDown move is going as planned.

FOX are alarmed and will wait out the rest of 2019 to closely observe SmackDown’s drawing power.

Below are the average ratings for SmackDown since moving to FOX

October, 4th (FOX Premier Episode) 3.888 million viewers

October, 11th 2.877 million viewers

October, 18th 2.418 million viewers

October, 26th 888,000 viewers

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