WWE has had some wild and outlandish storylines but none more explicit and sexualized In recent company history than the Rusev/Lana/Lashley Love triangle.

The Love Triangle was created by the mind of Vince Mcmahon with Paul Heyman as the storylines director.

The idea is to get Bobby Lashley & Lana over as massive heels while building sympathy for a underdog babyface Rusev.

Rumors spread last year of the real life married couple Rusev & Lana requesting their releases from WWE and wanting out of the company.

Some within WWE feel Vince McMahon is punishing the couple by embarrassing them and making a mockery of the one true thing they hold sacred in their lives, their marriage.

Vince McMahon is known for burying characters before their departure from WWE to lower and devalue their “Stock Price” on the free agent market.

For now the “Love Triangle” storyline is working nicely into WWE’s plan to make RAW edgier and more mature as SmackDown is a more real-life sports oriented type show.

WWE will run the “Love Triangle” angle for a decent amount of time as Vince McMahon is said to be “Having a blast” watching this storyline unfold.

Paul Heyman has directed the storyline to have a slow build so by the time Rusev and Bobby Lashley meet in a squared circle the heat would be off the meters.

One thing is for sure, WWE has our attention with this Jerry Springer style program. Stay tuned to Slice Wrestling for the lates updates.


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