The “FireFly FunHouse” will return to SmackDown this week.

FOX originally told WWE to “scrap” the fan favorite “FireFly FunHouse” segments due to it not fitting into FOX’s plan to present SmackDown as a real-sports show.

When Seth Rollins burned down the FunHouse that was supposed to be it. Fans were not happy and the power of social media struck again.

FOX was hit by upset request by fans to not take away one of their favorite parts of WWE and with many viewers tuning out of WWE these days the FunHouse was one of the few bright shining spots fans had to be excited for every week.

FOX has now announced the return of the “FireFly FunHouse” and The legend of The Fiend grows.

Now only WWE needs to do is book the Fiend character smarter and the WWE universe will really be happy.

Looks like the FOX network had no choice but to “Let Him In”. Stay tuned to Slice Wrestling for the latest updates.


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