Vince McMahon will be taking over certain aspects of NXT now that it will be on USA as he is adamant about not losing this ratings war to AEW.

As we previously reported now that NXT is a televised brand it will be seen as equal to RAW and SmackDown which means crossover superstar appearances on all shows.

Vince McMahon will become more involved with NXT storylines and character development along with approving or rejecting potential creative plans (previously only under Triple H’s authority) and NXT TakeOver’s.

Vince McMahon & Triple H will have to find a common ground to make this transition successful.

What all this means to the NXT brand now? That is yet to be seen, as everyone including the audience will have to get used to the NXT on USA product.

There will have to be a very delicate balance to ensure the win/loss record of NXT stars are kept fairly when facing RAW/SmackDown stars.

This week is the beginning of a new era in NXT. stay tuned to Slice Wrestling for the latest updates.


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