“The Fiend” is officially WWE’s most horrific character, striking fear into opponents and audiences alike.

With Halloween approaching and WWE’s priority of holding position in the TV ratings war against All Elite Wrestling, WWE has absolutely no plans on “Toning down” The Fiend character contrary to recent reports.

WWE’s plan now with The Fiend is simple, keep him as terrifying and terrorizing as possible.

The Fiend will be on a war path through the WWE roster while attacking WWE legends whenever the opportunity presents itself.

The Fiend Will remain undefeated for the foreseeable future while WWE continues to build this truly unique character.

We are now turning the corner on Summer 2019 and heading full speed into WWE’s fall programming with Hell In A Cell on Oct. 6th in Sacramento, CA And Survivor Series on Nov. 24th in Rosemont, IL

When and who will “The Fiend” strike next? Stay tuned to Slice Wrestling for the latest updates.


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