Roman Reigns Historic Title Run Continuing To WrestleMania 39, WWE Officials Remain Focused On Roman vs Rock Mega Match With The Bloodline Samoan Dynasty As Major Part To The Story, Backstage Details And More

Roman Reigns is on a historic WWE Championship run. His current total time holding the WWE Universal Championship is at 734 days.

There’s is no end in sight to the Tribal Chief’s massive WWE Championship run after beating Drew McIntyre at Clash At The Castle as Solo Sikoa made his main roster debut by helping his real life family member Roman Reigns to victory in the match and joining The Bloodline as its 4th member.

WWE is looking to continue The Bloodline storyline well into 2022 and into 2023 and there are no plans in place for Roman Reigns to drop the WWE Universal Championship.

As WWE continues towards WrestleMania 39 in HollyWood, CA plans are already being discussed on big matches set for the event and WWE has the biggest match possibly of all-time in the works for that event and that match is Roman Reigns vs The Rock.

We previously reported (read below) in April 2021 of these long-term plans for Roman Reigns and still to this day they remain intact.

As of this writing The Rock is very much still interested in doing the match and Roman Reigns and The USO’s have been major key factors in convincing The Rock to participate in the match.

The current idea is that a Samoan Dynasty vs The Bloodline civil war would ensue with Rock & Roman in the middle of it all. The Bloodline faction is being built up and played in heel way for The Rock to return and say that the group and their actions are a disgrace and embarrassment to the Samoan Dynasty.

There are opponents in line for Roman Reigns but anything or anyone in the way of The Rock vs Roman Reigns will be temporary until that match takes place.

WWE is banking on drawing major numbers with a Roman vs Rock mega match headlining at WrestleMania 39 and right now is a top priority for the company.

Roman Reigns and The Bloodline continue to ascend to the very top of the professional wrestling mountain and this program is history in the making. Stay tuned to SW for the latest updates.


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