IMPERIUM led by their fearless leader WALTER is on a trajectory to become the WWE Universe’s most dominant heel faction.

WALTER the groups leader, is the longest reigning NXT UK Champion and is currently sitting at 460 + days as NXT UK Champion. The other members of the group Alexander Wolfe, Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner complete the crew and together IMPERIUM is dominating NXT and NXT UK.

WWE officials are extremely high on WALTER (read below) and Vince McMahon would like him on the main roster sooner than later. Triple H is opposing this call-up as he has big plans in store for not only WALTER but IMPERIUM as well.

WWE/NXT officials are looking to have IMPERIUM go on a kill streak and dominate NXT the same way they dominated NXT UK. Triple H, Shawn Michaels and William Regal all love the look and style of the IMPERIUM group and with Undisputed Era no more they are looking at the IMPERIUM stable to takeover.

One of the more advanced storylines being discussed is IMPERIUM adding a member to the already solid powerhouse crew. NXT Officials have discussed adding a 5th member and that person is Timothy Thatcher.

Timothy Thatcher is a in-ring technician expert and he has long standing real life relationships with the members of IMPERIUM, mostly with WALTER.

IMPERIUM adding Timothy Thatcher would make this a super team that would dominate any challenges in their path.

WWE is looking to make NXT on Tuesday nights an exciting show and with these current plans in place the WWE Universe will have lots to be excited for in the future. Stay tuned to SW for the latest and greatest news.


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