Ricochet is being groomed by WWE for a major push.

From his spectacular in-ring work to charisma and animated entrance, Ricochet has everything needed to become one of WWE’s biggest stars.

Ricochet is a huge favorite among kids and young teens and merchandise sales have also shown big profits. This is a major key factor when Vince McMahon and other top WWE officials determine who gets what kind of push.

Ricochet will be receiving ELITE action figures based off his “NightWing” ring gear he wore at SummerSlam and Superhero themed gear will be used at big upcoming WWE Pay-Per-Views.

Vince McMahon has taken notice of Ricochet’s talents and has planned a huge push for the high flying star.

Ricochet is currently planned to be in the finals of the “King Of The Ring” Tournament and is being discussed as one of the top favorites to win the tournament.

This momentum will likely carry into 2020 as WWE would like to move him higher up on the card. Ricochet vs Seth Rollins is a explosive match WWE is keeping up their sleeves for a upcoming program.

WWE’s Superhero looks to be taking WWE by storm. Stay tuned to Slice Wrestling for the latest updates.


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