Big E has been on the internal list of WWE SuperStars to receive a significant push for quite some time now and in 2021 he will be reaching a new level.

The New Day leader is set to start competing for WWE gold in 2021 and WWE has a set plan in place for Big E.

WWE first wants the audience to get used to seeing Big E without his New Days members by his side and separate him from the comical New Day humor to a more serious competitor.

Once WWE is able to establish Big E as a serious title contender WWE will then move Big E into the Intercontinental Championship scene where he is set to win the prestigious title during WrestleMania 37 season.

WWE plans to move Big E to the “heavyweight” championship picture but is careful not to book him against “The Tribal Chief” Roman Reigns just yet as Reigns is set to go on a long and dominant run as WWE Champion and a pinfall loss would hurt the building of Big E’s character.

This will be a long process for Big E but solid plans are in place and in mid-late 2021 the WWE Universe should see Big E on the main stage.

We are personally excited for this push and Big E has always been one of my favorite performers. To me he has all tools necessary to reach the top.

“It’s a New Day yes it is!” Stay tuned to Slice Wrestling for the latest updates.


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