Mauro Ranallo is one of sports and televisions greatest commentators period. His flamboyant, pop culture and hyperbole commentary is recognizable the moment you hear his voice.

WWE had signed Mauro Ranallo and his tenure was short term before backstage politics played a role in his transition to NXT.

There may be a new wrestling company in the hunt for Mauro Ranallo as AEW is in discussions to bring in Mauro Ranallo.

Mauro Ranallo loves professional wrestling and his passion never really left his heart and in 2021 a return may be in order.

AEW is already brainstorming ideas on what capacity and scheduling they will give Mauro as he has reiterated that he has no desire to return to wrestling commentary full-time.

One of the plans would be to assemble a dream team of Mauro Ranallo with legendary wrestling commentator Jim Ross at major pay-per-views such as “All Out”,“Revolution” and “Full Gear”. This would be a wrestling fans dream come true as Mauro has been compared to Jim Ross as the top commentators in the history of professional wrestling.

A one-two punch of Mauro Ranallo & Jim Ross would be a color commentary explosion of epic proportions.

Montana & Rice
Jordan & Pippen
LeBron & Wade
Mauro Ranallo & Jim Ross ?

Mauro Ranallo could become “All Elite” in 2021… “Mama Mia” that would be a “Slobber Knocker”. Stay tuned to SW for the latest updates.


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