‪The Women’s Tag-Team Championship Match at TLC was underwhelming. ‬

‪Multiple botches (missed move spots) and injuries are a recipe for disaster in professional wrestling and this match had plenty of both. ‬

‪The most serious matter of this match was Kairi Sane being injured and possibly suffering a concussion. ‬

‪Kairi Sane was injured at some point during this match and there was times that she seemed completely out of it and lost like she had no idea where she was, which is a clear sign when a person suffers a concussion. ‬

‪There was a spot when Charlotte was trying to lift Kairi for a power bomb and Kairi Sane was not engaging in the move and seemed confused. You can watch that clip below. ‬

‪Vince McMahon changed the production mid-match when he got word Kairi was hurt and Vince McMahon was said to be furious with referees for not handling the injury in a more effective manner which WWE referees are trained to do. He let the refs hear an earful backstage after the match.

Kairi Sane underwent concussion protocol after the match and WWE doctors will make a final diagnosis before this weeks Monday Night RAW.

WWE will be looking to protect Kairi Sane going forward and will keep her out of action until are precautions are met.

WWE is entertainment and it is easily forgotten how much these professional wrestlers put their bodies on the line every time they perform for us. We wish Kairi Sane a speedy recovery back to full health. Stay tuned to Slice Wrestling for the latest updates.


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