WWE is closing the year on a low note as this weeks RAW drew the lowest non holiday ratings in WWE history.

This weeks RAW drew 2.053 million viewers

In 27 seasons of RAW this was the lowest ratings they could have drew non-holiday and with next weeks episode already taped yesterday in Des Moines, IA due to the Christmas holiday you can expect another historic low ratings again.

WWE came off a lackluster TLC pay-per-view and stagnant storylines aren’t helping whatsoever.

With WWE ratings, WWE Network subscribers and WWE live event attendance all slowly plummeting over the last few years it is certainly time to take a hard look at where WWE might be (if around at all) in the next new decade.

As always we are ahead of the curve and have already begun asking those serious questions to WWE sources. We will drop a upcoming report closer to the Christmas holiday on WWE’s plan for the next ten years and what exactly they are aiming for. Stay tuned to Slice Wrestling for the latest updates.


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