‪During a interview with TV Insider WWE Backstage host Renee Young confirmed that WWE does indeed approve what content and subjects are discussed on the FOX Network show. ‬

‪“We want to do a service to WWE and FOX. Obviously, we keep our fans in mind with all of it. We want to cover as much as we can, but we bounce stuff off WWE as well to see what they are comfortable with us talking about,” Young explains. ‬

‪While many seem to think that this is a minor detail it should be noted that many seem to think that WWE Backstage was its own show independent from WWE limitations and restrictions. ‬

‪Some of the more controversial topics such as Mauro Ranallo’s situation with missing NXT tapings due to Corey Graves comments were never mentioned on WWE Backstage. ‬

‪On top of that it will be interesting to see how WWE’s relationship with CM Punk progresses as much of what Punk says on WWE Backstage is filtered by WWE. ‬

‪CM Punk has repeatedly claimed he is only a employee of FOX, while that may be the case the reality is he’s much closer to WWE than many think.

‪Stay tuned to Slice Wrestling for the latest updates. ‬


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