Kenny Omega is one of the greatest in-ring wrestlers walking the planet and he is one win away from becoming the AEW World Champion when he faces Jon Moxley on this week’s AEW Dynamite “Winter Is Coming” episode for the title.

During a recent interview with Forbes, Kenny revealed which WWE SuperStars he would like a shot at.

Kenny Omega: “AJ and I worked together in New Japan. He saved me in a lot of ways when I was thinking about possibly getting out of wrestling. He was there for me to help point me in the right direction and I think he would be a great opponent. The New Day, those guys would be a lot of fun to work with. I get compared a lot to Seth Rollins. Seth is a great wrestler and I think we could have some really great matches together. I just want to work with good people—not good people in the sense that they’re only talented in the ring, but people who are genuinely good dudes who the fans would want to see me wrestle. At the end of the day, I’d just want to wrestle the opponents who would make fans the most excited because that’s really what it’s all about.”

Dream matches are a favorite past time of wrestling fans and if we had our pick we would choose a dream match between Kenny Omega vs Roman Reigns.

“Winter Is Coming” to AEW Dynamite and if all goes Omega’s way “A New Champion Is Coming” might be a more appropriate title for the show. Stay tuned to SW for the latest updates.


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