One of the hottest topics coming out of AEW’s “Revolution” PPV was a tattoo.

Cody Rhodes unveiled a new American Nightmare neck tattoo at AEW “Revolution” which many fans debated online at the placement of tattoo being that Cody Rhodes is the Executive Vice President of AEW. Many fans voiced that a neck tattoo was not a good look for a Executive Vice President who represents a company.

Brandi Rhodes voiced her displeasure with the neck tattoo at the post AEW Revolution media scrum.

“I’m the one person that doesn’t like the neck tattoo, I don’t like it,” Brandi admitted. “I’ve said it, there it is. I know a lot of wives like to be really hands on,” Brandi said. “My husband makes his own decisions, he’s allowed to make his own decisions. So if I decided to do something crazy, he can just let me make my own decisions [laughs].”

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