‪Whenever a sports team wins a championship WWE immediately has a custom WWE Championship belt sent to the team. ‬

‪This has been a tradition for years and Triple H is the first to announce the custom belt is on the way. ‬

But there is a more secretive marketing strategy at play here that many don’t seem to understand. ‬

‪The real reason WWE sends custom championship belts to sports teams is for mainstream exposure. ‬

‪You see usually when a sports team wins a championship a parade is soon to follow. Hundreds of thousands of fans show up to the parade to celebrate the big win for their favorite sports team. ‬

‪WWE believes that by sending a custom WWE Championship belt that the team would likely bring that belt to the parade and the WWE belt would be visible to millions of viewers worldwide. ‬

‪WWE has always strived to receive the mainstream attention that NFL, NBA MLB and NHL teams receive and this is a way for WWE to receive some of that big news media attention. ‬

‪You gotta give credit where credit is do, WWE is ‬a clever promotion. Stay tuned to Slice Wrestling for the latest updates.


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