Eva Marie who is notorious for her bright red hair is on the verge of a WWE return.

Eva Marie’s last WWE match was in 2016 against Becky Lynch and in August 2017 she announced that she was leaving WWE.

The stars in the WWE Universe have now aligned and WWE is looking to bring back Eva. A Royal Rumble 2021 surprise entrant is being discussed but her training is a priority and WWE will not rush her until she is 100% ready to return to in-ring physical action.

Eva Marie is excited for her WWE return and always felt her previous WWE runs were lackluster compared to what she is able to offer to the world.

Vince McMahon approved her return to the women’s division and one of the sticking points that she requested before agreeing to a new deal was to be given proper booking of her character.

Vince McMahon is adamant about recruiting top female talent to the main roster in 2021 and strengthen the women’s division.

The WWE Women’s division is a by far much more superior to AEW’s and Vince McMahon knows he can use this advantage to keep WWE ahead of AEW in ratings and overall revenue.

Eva Marie will be positioned as one of the top WWE Women’s division stars and will be given the opportunities to shine bright in the WWE Universe again.

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