Come With Me.

Bray Wyatt has officially signed a new multi-year/multi-million dollar contract with WWE sources have confirmed to SW.

WWE is ecstatic to have Bray Wyatt back with the WWE Universe and big plans are in place.

We previously reported (read below) months ago Bray Wyatt was nearing a deal to sign back with WWE and now that the ink is on the paper Bray Wyatt has been non-stop brain storming on brand new thrilling and horrific ideas to scare the WWE Universe for many generations to come.

Triple H personally handled the deal with Bray Wyatt and wanted to make sure he could sign Wyatt before anyone else could. Bray Wyatt is eager to join the WWE Universe in this new era and Triple H will be giving Bray Wyatt more creative freedom to create more characters and storylines.

Bray Wyatt has created his own “Wyatt Universe” inside the WWE Universe that contains many hidden deep lore and symbolic messages.

Many Bray Wyatt characters and ideas sometimes take years to appear and are teased in previous storylines years before they actually happen.

The Wyatt Family was a long, layered storyline that seemingly concluded with Randy Orton burning the Sister Abigail remains and the Wyatt Compound.

The Fiend is another character that Bray Wyatt layered into storylines beginning all the way back in 2015.

During a WWE SuperStar “Ghost Stories” Wyatt explained his upbringing in South Central Louisiana. Bray Wyatt explains how Sister Abigail warned him, his brothers and sisters about the “Man In The Woods”.

The Fiend is actually “The Man In The Woods” and Bray came to WWE to warn us about The Fiend. That’s why he always said the phrase “Run”. The Fiend carry’s Bray Wyatt’s head as a lantern to symbolize the massacre that took place in the woods.

Bray Wyatt has many ideas and characters still yet to be manifested and Triple H allowing Bray Wyatt to have creative freedom is the main reason he decided to sign back with WWE.

Bray Wyatt had a IMPACT Wrestling offer on the table but ultimately he turned down the offer as he feels WWE’s production and budget allows him to produce even more elaborate and intricate special effects and designs.

Many of the characters, storylines and ideas that will be used will directly be produced by Bray Wyatt and he may also be eventually helping other WWE talents with character development and writing.

The White Rabbit teases are a way for WWE to gauge how the WWE Universe reacts and plans are in place for a grand reveal.

The White Rabbit concept actually originated from the Bray Wyatt asking about the “Devil’s Hole” in Self, Arkansas.

The lights dimming during Alexa Bliss match on RAW was deliberate symbolism to signify the return of Wyatt.

Triple H is allowing Bray Wyatt to create a Wyatt Universe inside the WWE Universe and many more complex, mind bending segments will be unveiled in the coming months.

Triple H is being cautious about Bray Wyatt’s return and does not want to rush him back. There is a solid plan in place for his return and teases may continue to build. USA and FOX network executives are also highly anticipating for Wyatt’s return as this will lead to higher ratings and network executives have urged Triple H to get Bray Wyatt back on WWE programming in time for the Halloween season.

WWE officials are taking their time with this return and will unveil him only when the time is right. WWE officials and Bray Wyatt are in constant communication on every detail and as of now the WWE creative gathering have no set date set for his return and WWE may take a slow burn approach to all the teasers.

There are multiple ideas for Bray Wyatt’s return and some include a Fiend return and others include an entirely new horror character associated with the White Rabbit to be unveiled by Bray Wyatt.

WWE and Bray Wyatt have also discussed a new stable led by him that will see top male and female WWE Superstars join the group.

“There are huge plans in place for Bray Wyatt to become the modern day Undertaker.” a WWE source tells SW

“He will summon this new demon character at will and this new character will literally be invincible and unbeatable. Bray will consciously challenge and provoke the viewers like never before with these new segments, lore and hidden symbols. Some of these new Bray Wyatt ideas are truly terrifying.” a WWE source tells SW.

WWE officials are discussing for Bray Wyatt to be involved in huge blockbuster matches and WWE Universal Championship programs are also in place. Triple H feels Bray Wyatt was never really allowed to be fully unleashed upon the WWE Universe and now he will have that chance.

As we inch closer and closer to the return of Bray Wyatt, WWE fans will be treated to memorable moments which is what pro wrestling is all about. A new, improved and more viscous Bray Wyatt is on the way.

The Man In The Woods is returning..

Come With Me.

Stay tuned to SW for the latest updates.


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