‪WWE ended the last decade with a lesbian angle involving Lana and a repackaged Liv Morgan. ‬

‪Paul Heyman is high on Liv Morgan and is looking to push the young superstar in 2020. ‬

‪To Vince McMahon, Liv was just a afterthought and he never had any intention of using her especially in this capacity. ‬

‪The Liv Morgan Bombshell at Lana’s wedding is near 3 million views on YouTube which is a big indicator to WWE as to who the audiences are interested in. ‬

‪Paul Heyman is helping and guiding Liv Morgan especially with promos and character development. ‬Paul Heyman is from New York and Liv Morgan is from New Jersey so the two east coasters have a certain similar background. ‬

‪The plan is for Liv Morgan to get a bigger push than ever before in 2020 and to continue improving on her in-ring skills. ‬

‪Opportunities are being discussed for Liv Morgan in 2020 and as long as fan interest and consistency on her end remain stable the sky’s the limit for the rejuvenated superstar. ‬

‪The Lana/Liv/Lashley/Rusev is set to continue we’ll into 2020 and into WrestleMania. ‬

‪The idea is to give each of these characters a new hope on their careers and hopefully skyrocket each star individually to higher success. ‬WWE will like to keep the angle as a centerpiece and main event of Monday night Raw. ‬

‪Liv is coming into 2020 white hot upon her makeover and return and Paul Heyman is behind her every step of the way. ‬With television ratings and YouTube views improving with her on screen WWE considers these statistics major signs of who should be at the forefront of WWE. ‬

‪Liv is in a unique position of not necessarily needing a title run if numbers remain and improve. ‬

‪WWE creating new superstars is integral part of their survival in this decade. ‬

‪Stay tuned to Slice Wrestling for the latest updates. ‬


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