Buddy Murphy pledged his allegiance to the Architects Of Pain stable on this week’s RAW episode. ‬

‪The move and formation of this new bad boy group was masterminded and designed by none other than Paul Heyman. ‬

‪The purpose of having Buddy Murphy join the Architects Of Pain is a way to enhance Buddy Murphy’s status in WWE. ‬

‪Paul Heyman is a big fan of Buddy Murphy and he felt aligning Buddy Murphy with this rapidly popular growing heel group would give Buddy Murphy more exposure on a main event stage. ‬

‪The Architects Of Pain group are rising in popularity, only 2nd to the undisputed era. Ratings reflect increases when the Architects Of Pain are in-screed and merchandise of this new heel group will soon be to be follow. ‬

‪The Architects Of Pain are also a strong deterrent to AEW’s Inner Circle and the battle of heel factions will definitely be interesting going forward. ‬

‪Long term plans for the group of Seth Rollins/AOP/Buddy Murphy are to be DOMINANT in WWE. ‬

‪This heel faction is also a way to rehabilitate Seth Rollin’s character and put him back to the forefront of WWE programming. ‬

‪Buddy Murphy will be protected by the Architects of Pain in his upcoming programs and mid-card level championships are being discussed for Murphy. ‬

‪This new Heel stable is exactly what RAW and Buddy Murphy needed and it is going to be a wild ride heading into WrestleMania season. ‬

‪Paul Heyman is going to make Buddy Murphy a superstar for a new generation and we personally can’t wait to see him arrive. Stay tuned to Slice Wrestling for the latest updates. ‬


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