‪Riddle vs Brock feud is a work bro? That’s exactly what it is. ‬

‪During Royal Rumble weekend numerous outlets reported that Riddle and Brock had a “incident” backstage at the show. Details were scarce and the only confirmed fact was that Brock approached Matt Riddle about constantly calling the beast out. ‬

‪At the time our sources told us “to wait, there’s more.” and not publish any stories involving this so called incident because there were too many parts of this story that made no sense. ‬

‪It has now been confirmed to us that the whole incident was a work set up by Vince McMahon, Paul Heyman, and Triple H to gauge your interest in a possible Riddle vs Brock future match. ‬

‪All WWE had to do was “leak” worked information to gullible outlets that they knew would run with the story as a real incident. But the truth being that WWE is playing everyone. ‬

The truth is Vince McMahon respects Matt Riddle and admires his courage and “ruthless aggression” to go after someone so intimidating as Brock Lesnar.

‪The plan now is for Matt Riddle to be pushed more to the front of NXT which is evident by Matt Riddle & Pette Dunne winning the 2020 Dusty Tag-Team Classic tournament. The tag-team known as the “BroserWeights” are now in line to face Undisputed Era’s Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly at NXT Takeover Portland. ‬

‪If Matt Riddle can get more over in NXT Vince McMahon will consider moving Riddle up to the main roster brand and begin his ascendance to the top to face Brock Lesnar. ‬

‪Matt Riddle is one of the few SuperStars who have a MMA/UFC background and he can physically square up with Brock Lesnar better than most other stars. ‬

‪WWE working the fans again? Say it ain’t so. Stay tuned to Slice Wrestling for the latest insider information. ‬


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