‪WWE changed the angles of their cameras during this weeks RAW episode after taking notes from the production of All Elite Wrestling Dynamite. ‬

‪WWE and AEW are facing insurmountable challenges during the COVID-19 restrictions and both companies deserve a lot of credit for still moving foward during these times. ‬

‪WWE originally presented RAW at the crowd-less Performance Center with a “Hard-Cam” presentation. For those who do not know what that is, Hard-Cam is a camera angle that directly faces the ring from the side, showing the crowd behind. ‬

‪AEW had been shooting Dynamite with a tighter angle only showing the ring and participants while highlighting the entrance/ramp area. ‬

‪Kevin Dunne who is the Executive Vice President Of Television Production and decides on the camera angles for all WWE shows watched a episode of Dynamite and showed Vince McMahon how AEW camera angles were more effective especially with crowd-less buildings. Vince McMahon ordered the WWE production crew to do the same and follow the AEW style of shooting WWE shows with crowd-less shows. ‬

‪Score one for AEW, there is no telling how long these companies will have to endure holding crowd less events and we hope for everyone’s sake this situation ends soon. Stay tuned to Slice Wrestling for the latest updates. ‬


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