Carlito Caribbean Cool is nearing a deal to make another WWE run sources tell SW.

Carilito has been in the pro wrestling industry for 24 years Colón is a member of the Colón wrestling family, being the son of Carlos Colón. He debuted in his father’s promotion, World Wrestling Council (WWC), eventually winning WWC Universal Heavyweight Championship 17 times, and WWC Puerto Rico Heavyweight Championship once.

In WWE has also had held multiple championships, including
• 1x WWE United States Championship
• 1x WWE Intercontinental Championship
• 1x WWE Tag Team Championship (w/Primo)
• 1x World Tag Team Championship (w/Primo)

WWE was astonished by the reaction Carlito received at the BackLash event held in his homeland of Puerto Rico and WWE sees more opportunity with him as a full time active WWE SuperStar.

WWE wants Carlito to join the L.W.O a group consisting of
• Rey Mysterio
• Zelina Vega
• Santos Escobar
• Raul Mendoza
• Joaquin Wilde

WWE is discussing for Carlito to return to action in the coming weeks and hoping the SmackDown roster upon his arrival in the WWE Universe.

Carlito along with Rey Mysterio will make great teachers for the young L.W.O stable and help develop them and learn from their experience.

Stay tuned to SW for the latest updates.


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