WWE arguably has the most talented roster in company history.

WWE is fully aware that they are in need for “new blood” and Aleister Black, Almas and Buddy Murphy are exactly what they need.

When WWE named Paul Heyman Executive Director of RAW he set out to accomplish two main goals

  1. Improve the pacing of the show with a balanced match/segment ratio.
  2. Make newer superstars.

The first goal was achieved by improved writing but the second goal is a much more complex mission.

Paul Heyman has specially hand picked Aleister Black, Almas and Buddy Murphy to groom as major next-generation superstars.

The main quality all three men possess is great in-ring work and charismatic characters. This is something Heyman is looking to highlight moving forward and build upon.

The current plan is for all three superstars to be protected in their programs and slowly be molded for WWE Championship runs.

Look for all three men to be featured prominently on RAW on a weekly basis.

Black, Almas and Buddy are the future and WWE is fully aware how bright these stars can shine. Stay tuned to Slice Wrestling for the latest updates.


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