Now that NXT is on USA many previous creative plans are getting switched around.

Usually after major WWE Pay-Per-Views WrestleMania, SummerSlam etc. there were main roster call-ups.

Whoever Vince McMahon wanted or needed for RAW or SmackDown was chosen from the talent pool in NXT

NXT on USA means that will now change. As the Black & Gold brand is considered equal to the other main roster shows.

The current set of Champions such as Adam Cole, Shayna Baszler and Velveteen dream will remain with their respective titles for the foreseeable futures as the trailblazers to lead NXT onto USA.

Velveteen Dream makes his entrance at NXT TakeOver New York

These stars are set to stay with NXT for the foreseeable future as Triple H needs firepower to make a good impression on USA but also to win the “Wednesday Night Wars” competing with NXT’s rivals AEW who also airs on Wednesday nights.

NXT premiers on USA September, 18th 8pm-10pm ET. Stay tuned to Slice Wrestling for the latest updates.


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