Jade Cargill has officially signed with WWE sources have confirmed to SW.

WWE officials are excited at the signing of Jade Cargill and plans are already underway to make her into a major WWE SuperStar.

Jade Cargill begins training at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL this week as WWE knows that Jade is a incredible in-ring performer but wants her to get acclimated and familiar with the WWE style of wrestling.

The match designs, ring size, technical skills and promo layouts are significantly different from AEW to WWE and officials want to make sure her transition is smooth.

WWE wants to push Jade Cargill quickly trough the developmental system and even though she may start in NXT it will not be long until she arrives on the main roster.

There were many WWE Superstars and officials pushing for WWE to sign Jade and MVP was a main catalyst to making this signing happen.

WWE wants Jade Cargill to be a dominant superstar in the WWE Women’s division and want her run to be similar to her infamous TBS championship title reign of the 60-match undefeated streak.

Jade Cargill’s 508-day TBS Champion reign is the longest for any AEW champion in the company’s four-year history.

There were major plans in place for Jade Cargill in AEW but as her contract expired the two sides could not come to agreement on certain terms and conditions. WWE gladly swept in and gave her the deal of a lifetime.

WWE women’s division is going be getting a huge upgrade with Jade Cargill on the roster that is sure to bring excitement to the WWE Universe.

Stay tuned to SW for the latest updates.


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