Asuka is one of the most dominant woman in the WWE women’s division and a return in 2022 is being planned by WWE officials.

Asuka was last seen in WWE action at the “Money In The Bank” pay-per-view in July, 2021.

WWE is becoming more careful with returning superstars as WWE does not want characters to get “lost in the shuffle.” upon their return and instead WWE is taking a slow approach when bringing back superstars like Alexa Bliss.

WWE higher officials want Asuka to return as a “Heel” character and the 2022 Royal Rumble is the estimated return date.

Asuka would be a welcome addition to any roster and WWE believes the SmackDown women’s roster would definitely benefit from having a star like Asuka as the RAW women’s roster is fully loaded.

This year we will see the return of many stars and Asuka will definitely be making an impact upon arrival. Stay tuned to Slice Wrestling for the latest updates.


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