AEW ALL OUT week is fast approaching as AEW is preparing to hold its annual 4th ALL OUT event on September 4th 2022.

As AEW prepares for the event Tony Khan has been put in a awkward situation. You see ever since CM Punk was forced to take time off since the beginning of June due to to a foot injury – Tony Khan was planning on a big CM Punk “homecoming” victory in his hometown of Chicago at ALL OUT.

Now the entire situation has changed as Jon Moxley has become the overwhelming fan favorite. Not only has Moxley arguably carried AEW during the horrendous COVID pandemic, he also has been a spectacular “Interim” AEW World Champion. Jon Moxley has been a workhorse champion and has led the “BlackPool Combat Club” Lord Regal with Bryan Danielson, Claudio and Wheeler Yuta.

To say Tony Khan is in a tough conundrum is a understatement. On one hand he wants to crown CM Punk AEW World Champion at ALL Out and the other he has Jon Moxley the AEW peoples champion.

A AEW source explains “Khan is considering turning Punk heel, it’s the only way to justify his win against Moxley at this point. Fans will be pissed otherwise.”

MJF is also a huge factor in this situation as MJF was essentially AEW’s biggest heel. His absence creates a huge void in the AEW galaxy. Tony Khan must anoint a new top heel in the promotion.

ALL OUT will be filled with exciting moments and returns stay tuned to Slice Wrestling for the latest and greatest pro wrestling updates.


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