‪The Architects Of Pain stable have quickly become one of wrestling’s hottest heel acts. ‬

‪The heel group consisting of Seth Rollins, Buddy Murphy and AOP are already in possession of the tag-team championships as they look to continue on their path of dominance and now another superstar may join the group. ‬

‪WWE is discussing for Kevin Owens or Samoa Joe to possibly join the heel stable amd make this team a super faction that could dominate WWE for years to come. ‬

‪While WWE is progressing on discussions on who will join the Architects Of Pain, Samoa Joe is currently out of WWE action after suffering a concussion in his tag-team match with Owens against Seth Rollins & Buddy Murphy on the January, 27th episode of RAW. ‬

‪Samoa Joe had been attempting to dive through the ropes outside and landed square on his head on the outside area. Samoa Joe has undergone the proper medical evaluations and WWE is awaiting further test results to properly announce how long he would be out of action. ‬

‪WWE may wait until Joe returns to continue on these creative plans. Kevin Owens or Samoa Joe joining The Architects of Pain would make for one of strongest heel groups we have seen in a long time. Stay tuned with Slice Wrestling for the latest updates ‬


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