‪Charlotte is the 2020 Women’s Royal Rumble winner. ‬

‪WWE is considering a different route for “The Nature Girl” to take on this years road to WrestleMania. ‬

‪Charlotte Flair did not announce her opponent of choice during this weeks RAW episode and left her program open ended. ‬

‪Vince McMahon had been in advanced discussions to have Charlotte face Becky or Bayley at this years WrestleMania but WWE officials went against this idea due to both programs have been previously done. ‬

‪Triple H then presented a fresh idea which is Charlotte Flair vs NXT Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley. Vince McMahon is intrigued by the idea and sees big money potential in Rhea Ripley. ‬

‪Shayna Baszler is another opponent being mentioned for Charlotte but she would have to beat Becky or Bayley to win either the RAW or SmackDown Women’s championship to set up a match with Ms. Flair at WrestleMania 36.‬

‪If you have been following Slice Wrestling you will remember a report (read below) we posted on November, 21st, 2019 about the possibility of a NXT match being placed on the main WrestleMania 36 card. ‬

‪If Charlotte vs Rhea Ripley becomes official, this would be that NXT match placed on the WrestleMania 36 card. A first for the NXT brand. ‬

‪This years WrestleMania is going to be stacked, if you have yet to get your tickets we advise you to purchase your tickets if you want to attend a historic WrestleMania. The surprises are just beginning.. stay tuned to Slice Wrestling for all your WrestleMania news. ‬


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