‪WrestleMania is supposed to be WWE’s biggest celebration of the year with SuperStars competing in the biggest matches on “the grandest stage of them all.”…. well not this year. ‬

‪WrestleMania 36 was taped earlier this week at the WWE Performance Center due to the Corona Virus Outbreak and it was a disaster. ‬

‪Multiple WWE SuperStars were not happy with the fact that Vince McMahon pushed through with WrestleMania this year despite the fact the whole world is staying home. ‬

‪Rey Mysterio, Dana Brooke stayed in quarantine while Roman Reigns also refused to attend despite pleas from Vince McMahon. ‬

‪Multiple production crew members also refused to come in due to pre existing health conditions or sick family members at home that they did not want to risk bringing the Corona Virus home to. One WWE Production “Stage Hand” who has a pregnant wife at home told Slice Wrestling that “no amount of money was worth the risk.” and many in WWE are “disgusted with the way WWE handled the situation.” he also added that he and many other WWE production team members will be looking for employment elsewhere soon. ‬

‪Many of the older WWE Staff stayed home due to their age being a major risk of COVID-19 and although Vince McMahon is 74 years old, he attended the WrestleMania Tapings and controlled all aspects of the show. ‬

‪Many stars felt sick and refused to come to Orlando, FL for the WrestleMania tapings which caused last minute re-writes and re-shoots of multiple matches. This tension created a stressful low morale work environment and from top to bottom mostly everyone was not in a good mood including WWE Superstars. ‬

‪One positive in the situation is that WWE Superstars are gettting unique opportunities that under normal circumstances they would not be getting like Braun Strowman who got a WWE Universal Championship opportunity to the delight of everyone there including his colleagues and WWE Officials. (We will not spoil the result or finish of his match in this article stay tuned.)But that was just a small piece in a overwhelming situation.‬

‪With so much going on in the world and WWE having a troubling past six months business wise you have to wonder if they are thinking wise at this point. As AEW gets closer and closer on their heels it makes a very good alternate company to work for if you decide to leave WWE. Stay tuned to Slice Wrestling for the latest updates. ‬


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