‪WWE is about to be Gronk spiked! ‬

‪After months of negotiations WWE and Rob Gronkowski have officially closed the deal and Rob Gronkowski is now a WWE SuperStar. ‬

‪We previously reported (read below) in January, 2020 that WWE and Rob Gronkowski were nearing a deal to become a part time WWE SuperStar. This week The Wrap’s Tony Maglio confrimed the singing and Gronk is set to have a appearance at WrestleMania 36. ‬

‪Now WWE sources have confirmed to Slice Wrestling that future backstage plans for Rob Gronkowski lead him to being a major attraction at this years SummerSlam being held in Boston, MA. ‬

‪Boston is home to the New England Patriots and is where Rob Gronkowski played tight end for the Patriots in 9 NFL seasons. Rob Gronkowski is one of Boston’s favorite sons. ‬

‪Rob Gronkowski has had major success with Boston’s New England Patriots, where he is a 3x SuperBowl Champion and is a 5x NFL Pro Bowler. ‬

‪WWE will look to push Gronkowski as the “Hometown Hero” and display him in a high profile match. WWE loves the mainstream publicity and this was a ideal opportunity for the company to gain another big celebrity star. ‬

SummerSlam takes place August, 23rd from Boston, MA.

‪SummerSlam in Boston, MA is about to be Gronk Spiked! Stay tuned to Slice Wrestling for the latest updates. ‬


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