The following WWE Superstars are in the running to become new WWE World Heavyweight Champion

• Austin Theory – Austin Theory is one of the top candidates to become WWE World Heavyweight Champion. We have previously reported many times (read below) on how high WWE is on Austin Theory and developing him into a star of the future. Austin Theory is one of WWE’s brightest and youngest stars of the future.

• Cody Rhodes – The American Nightmare is still on his journey to “finish the story”. WWE is still high on Cody Rhodes as a main event superstar and the WWE World Heavyweight Championship is another opportunity for Cody Rhodes to capture WWE championship gold.

• Finn Bálor – The Demon King is the first WWE Universal Champion ever and now that Triple H is firmly in control of the weekly WWE creative department, Finn Bálor is at the top of Triple H’s list to get another championship push. Finn Bálor as WWE World Heavyweight Champion could certainly be in the cards.

• Seth Rollins – The Visionary is one of the favorites to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. WWE officials feel that a superstar like Seth Rollins would bring legitimacy and recognition to the new WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

WWE established the WWE World Heavyweight Championship as a way to balance out the title picture and give all brands a champion. This also allows more championship opportunities for WWE SuperStars that are not yet ready to beat Roman Reigns. Stay tuned to SW for the latest updates.


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