Solo Sikoa (Joseph Fatu) is already becoming a powerful enforcer in the WWE Universe.

Since joining his real life family faction The Bloodline, the 29 year old Solo has found new success in his young professional wrestling career and now WWE is planning to take Solo Sikoa to new heights.

The NXT North American title was relinquished by Solo Sikoa after senior vice president of talent development creative Shawn Michaels deemed that Sikoa was not sanctioned to face Carmello Hayes.

The entire Bloodline with the exception of Sami Zayn and Paul Heyman all hold WWE titles now WWE is discussing new plans for Solo Sikoa to attain WWE gold again.

WWE has begun discussing placing Solo Sikoa in upcoming mid-card WWE championship programs as Solo Sikoa climbs the ladder to WWE success alongside his Bloodline family.

WWE wants the Bloodline to be a powerful faction and all members dripped in WWE gold would certainly establish that.

WWE officials also see Solo Sikoa as a star who could become the next “Tribal Chief” and “Head Of The Table” for the Bloodline for the next generation of the Samoan Dynasty.

WWE is planning to keep Solo Sikoa looking strong in the WWE Universe until it’s his time to breakout and become a star of his own.

The next generation of the Samoan Dynasty is here for years to come. Long live the reign of the Bloodline.

We The Ones.

Stay tuned to SW for the latest updates.


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