WWE are following through with plans to make current WWE Superstars into modern day memorable legends.

The days of short title reigns and championships switching hands are no more as Triple H is adamant about brining prestigious legacy back to WWE titles.

“He {Triple H} feels WWE titles lost some of its prestige in the recent years.” A WWE source tells SW.

“He wants to create modern day legends out of dominant WWE Champions.”

These long historic runs are also good for building opportunities for other WWE Superstars as anyone who beats long title reign champions would immediately be at top star status.

WWE officials are planning to continue the historic runs of three top WWE SuperStars.

• Roman Reigns – The Tribal Chief is closing in on 1000 days as Undisputed WWE Universal Champion and with no plans in sight for Roman to lose in 2023, opponents have to wait until 2024 the earliest to have a chance at defeating Roman Reigns. Even that is a tall task because WWE is now discussing for Roman Reigns to eclipse Hulk Hogan’s title run of 1,474 days.

• Bianca Belair – Belair is now the longest reigning WWE RAW Women’s Champion at 400 plus days. There are no plans for Bianca Belair to lose and this title run puts Bianca Belair at legend status early in her career.

• Gunther – “The Ring General” is close to 350 days as Intercontinental Champion and only Honky Tonk’s Man run of 453 days, Pedro Morales run of 424 days, Macho Man Randy Savage’s run of 413 days and Don Muraco’s run of 384 days stand in Gunther’s way of complete immortality. Triple H has big plans for Gunther and if his WWE Intercontinental Championship dominance is any indication the WWE Universe is in for a long era of Imperium at the top.

These long WWE Championship runs are a great way to create modern day legends and give fans of the WWE Universe a chance to live during history making moments.

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