The Rock and WWE have been in constant communication regarding a potential match at wrestlemania 40.

The Rock appeared today on the Pat Mcafee show to discuss a possible match and after reaching out to WWE sources it has been confirmed to us that this is in the development stage.

We previously reported on The Rock versus Roman Reigns plans for Wrestlemania 39 which the Rock admitted today that it was very close to happening at WrestleMania 39 but outside obligations prevented The Rock from competing in the Dream match at WrestleMania against his real life cousin Roman Reigns.

The WWE merger with endeavor to create a TKO umbrella company has also peaked the interest of The Rock and he is said to want to be involved.

Roman Reigns has been in constant communication with The Rock regarding a match and WWE officials want that match to take place at wrestlemania 40.

WWE is discussing for The Rock and Pat McCafee to appear on WWE television relatively soon which could be days or weeks depending on availability.

The rock versus Roman reigns, would be a major blockbuster match in the historic WWE WrestleMania history and WWE and The Rock are currently discussing the details to seal the deal for a WrestleMania 40 appearance.

“WWE officials at WWE TV tapings are being told to prepare for The Rock” – A WWE Source tells SW

The Rock vs Roman Reigns is being planned, let the Dream match hype begin. Stay tuned to SW of the latest updates.


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