Matt Riddle is one of the few young stars in WWE that is on a trajectory course for greatness. WWE officials have graciously handled Riddle’s transition from NXT star to one of the top stars on the main roster.

Alongside his tag-team partner Randy Orton as RK-Bro the two have dominated the tag division on RAW since winning the championships at SummerSlam.

Matt Riddle is clearly RAW’s biggest babyface and the audience reaction and merchandise sales are indicators that he is well on his way to bigger things.

Vince McMahon loves Riddle’s charisma and on-screen personality and feels he will excel as a face or heel giving the proper production. Vince also like that he has a MMA background and likes the fact that in real life Riddle can kick someone’s ass.

Now Vince McMahon and WWE Officials are discussing how to get Matt Riddle to become a household name. Vince McMahon feels Riddle can become one of the next gen all time greats and Matt Riddle’s is coming up in discussions for future WWE plans.

WWE is taking their time to develop Matt Riddle and move him up gradually from winning the NXT Tag-Team Championships with Pete Dunne to winning the WWE United States Championship and now the current RAW Tag-Team Champion, WWE is setting a course for Matt Riddle to eventually become WWE Champion or WWE Universal Champion.

WWE knows they must build for the future and with AEW’s plethora of young stars ,WWE is looking to Matt Riddle to lead the new era. Look for Matt Riddle to have a huge 2022 and a even greater 2023. Stay tuned to Slice Wrestling for the latest updates.


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