Vince McMahon is furious with six-time WWE Women’s Champion Sasha Banks.

The WWE Tag-Team Champions Sasha Banks and Naomi both walked out before RAW was set to go live on the air (read below) and now WWE officials are discussing how to move forward with this situation.

Vince McMahon had an internal emergency meeting at the WWE headquarters today where some of officials called in via phone/computer. The topic of discussion was how to proceed with both Sasha Banks and Naomi after their walk-out.

Vince McMahon and other key WWE officials are furious at the way both superstars handled the situation in particular WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.

Vince McMahon usually takes a “wait and see” approach when handling disgruntled WWE Superstars but with this situation he has lost his patience. He made it clear that this is unacceptable as he did not find out that both Naomi and Sasha had walked out of the Arena minuets before RAW went live.

As Vince McMahon took his usual “command chair” in the “Guerrilla Position” area it is when he was notified that the WWE Women Tag-Team Champs had left. This left the WWE writing team scrambling to find a replacement main event for RAW.

Vince McMahon also feels that this is a reoccurring issue with Sasha Banks and he is beyond his limit. He feels that his has done his best to try and help and please Sasha during her frustrations with her character including a hefty salary with perks/bonuses that make Sasha one of the highest paid professional wrestlers in the world.

WWE officials have been told by Vince McMahon himself that there is “ Nuclear Heat” on Sasha Banks but not so much on Naomi.

As we exclusively reported in our report Vince McMahon does not want to disturb “The Bloodline” faction storyline with Roman & The USO’s which Naomi is real life married to Jimmy Uso. The penalty will be much less sever for Naomi regarding this matter.

Vince McMahon has requested a meeting with Sasha Banks and last word was that the two sides were not talking. Sasha Banks made huge connections with Disney and Star Wars during her appearance on The “Mandalorian” blockbuster series and insiders feel she may be looking at a change of career.

As this story progresses and develops it is clear that some sort of decision will be made and at this point it seems that may be coming soon. Stay tuned to SW for the latest updates.


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