The McMahon family is used to taking over other wrestling territories and re-establishing them as their own. But when it happens internally it can become somewhat as a shock.

That is exactly what is happening over at NXT as Vince McMahon and WWE President Nick Khan are revamping NXT with a complete overhaul from the logo to roster to staff.

The reason Vince McMahon stepped in and took over NXT was when NXT had to move to Tuesday nights due to losing to AEW Dynamite. WWE NXT only won 5 weeks out of the first 30 in head-to-head weeks.

From changing the logo to the theme song to changing the entire roster of stars that makes this new NXT 2.0 feel almost unrecognizable from the previous gritty and explosive black and gold brand.

Vince McMahon does not like losing and further more does not like losing to AEW. Anyone who thinks Triple H approved and likes Vince McMahon doing away with everything he created in the original NXT is incorrect.

At the “New Years Evil” a NXT 2.0 special Bron Breakker broke the old NXT logo on his way to the ring as a way to symbolize doing away with the old NXT and beginning a new era.

There is absolutely a difference in the small, independent, technical wrestler Triple H was famous for recruiting to the big, muscular, former athlete/mma background that Vince McMahon chases after.

It’s this difference in vision and style that is making NXT 2.0 a totally different brand. Bron Breakker and Mandy Rose are absolutely Vince McMahon products and this new look and new style of these stars are now the direction NXT 2.0 will go in.

There is also a change in the format in storytelling as Vince McMahon will go with less long-term storytelling which was a Triple H style to a more “moment” or “event” style that Vince McMahon goes with similar to RAW and SmackDown which each episode is a story in itself.

In many ways Vince McMahon blames Triple H for losing the Wednesday Night Wars and now we are seeing the effects of what happens when Vince McMahon takes over.

As we move forward in this New Year it will be interesting how all of this effects the Vince McMahon & Triple H relationship. Blood is thicker than water but sometimes the water is there for you more than the blood. Stay tuned to Slice Wrestling for the latest updates.


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