Tony Khan announced on this week’s Dynamite episode that the AEW World Heavyweight Championship and the AEW Trio Tag-Team Championship were being vacated.

A tournament with the final round taking place at “Grand Slam” on September 21st will decide the new AEW World Heavyweight Champion.

The Death Triangle won the AEW Trio Tag-Team Championships on Dynamite.

No mention of CM Punk and/or the ELITE were seen on AEW Dynamite this week and CM Punk and the ELITE were removed from the Dynamite intro video package.

Now that the issue of the vacated AEW championships have been resolved, Tony Khan must move on to what to do about the AEW stars involved in the now infamous post ALL OUT brawl (read below for more) at the NOW Arena.

CM Punk is injured and will require surgery and his expected recovery time is 6-9 months.

Tony Khan has hired a third party private investigation company which consist of Chicago PD and Detectives to get to the bottom of the ALL OUT brawl.

Everyone in the brawl has been suspended and ongoing interviews and questioning is taking place. AEW fans were confused as to why Tony Khan did not address the situation directly on Dynamite and that is because of the pending legal investigations.

Tony Khan will wait until the investigation is complete before making his final decision on what to do with CM Punk and the ELITE.

Many AEW sources have spoken to us on the situation and majority do not believe CM Punk will be back due to his Coach/Trainer AC Steel most likely being fired due to his involvement in the brawl including biting Kenny Omega. It should be noted that this is not final and we haven’t confirmed CM Punk being done with AEW.

the ELITE are also being held accountable and lengthy suspensions, removal of EVP titles and/or termination are still very possible.

Due to the nature of this situation and length of time needed to throughly look into the brawl, Tony Khan may not make a final decision until 1-2 weeks.

Tony Khan will have to make a sound decision on what is best for AEW and what is best for AEW fans.

No one wins in these type of situations and we hope for everyone’s sake and the survival of AEW that all turns out be ok. Stay tuned to SW for the latest updates.


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